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Blepharoplasty without cuts works to shorten excess skin without the need for surgery and it works to stimulate collagen. The procedure also called uncut blepharoplasma allows the patient to return to activities on the same day. The technology is a solution for treating sensitive areas, especially around the eyes, where the use of lasers can cause excessive damage. The plasma jet is also indicated for the treatment of warts, lentigo, wrinkles, fibroids, xanthelasma, acne scars.

Plasma is a grouping of molecules and atoms ionized from the heating of air that in contact with the skin causes tissue sublimation. in short, the technology uses the environment's own air as a means of transport to transfer the energy generated from the electrical current in order to cause small damage that will stimulate the production of new tissue rich in collagen to be repaired by the body. Thus, in addition to lifting the eyelids, the plasma jet also improves the quality of the skin.

Plasma jet blepharoplasty

Blunt blepharoplasty and  performed with a plasma jet is a non-invasive version of eyelid lifting surgery. Indicated for removing excess skin and treating wrinkles around the eyes. Dark Dark Circles can also be camouflaged. The procedure is performed with a device approved by Anvisa and became known as Plasma Lift. The session is performed with anesthetic cream applied 30 to 40 minutes before the plasma treatment, which lasts about 15 minutes. More sensitive patients can receive injectable anesthesia. It is possible to return to the routine in the same day, just keeping the area protected from the sun. Small crusts can form and detach during the following week, and moisturizing cream is recommended for the region. Whitening gel helps reduce redness that can persist for two weeks and sunscreen based helps to even out skin tone. It is possible to follow the formation of new tissue during the inflammatory process, which can last up to eight weeks, when the final appearance can be observed.

Plasma jet and Botox filling

In blepharoplasty, the Plasma Jet can be performed in the same session as the filling of the upper eyelid to stimulate collagen and promote skin quality. The botulinum toxin (botox), which is also used to arch the eyebrows and open the eyes, can also be associated with the plasma jet.

The eyelid filling procedure is indicated for people with sunken eyes that look skeletal or who have a loss of volume due to age. In other cases, when there is excess skin in the region, it is possible to disguise the flaccidity with filling and consequent tissue expansion. The filling produces a lifting effect, but when combined with a plasma jet, it favors a more evident rejuvenation of the skin.

Blepharoplasty produces an expressive response in eyelid lifting, especially when excess skin is large or when fat pockets form in the area. Blepharoplasm can also be used after surgery to revitalize the skin. The plasma jet device uses a fractional firing system with controlled temperature and depth, producing punctual damage that will allow recovery in less time. The technology is approved by Anvisa, which indicates less chance of complications and an appearance very close to the intended objective.

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Micropigmentation for Camouflage Dark Circles  

Micropigmentation for the treatment of dark circles is indicated to camouflage the dark skin around the eyes for up to two years - and that's why the technique has attracted so many people!


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