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  Luciana Masson

Specialist in Facial Aesthetics

He started his career in the healthcare field in 2000, he worked in medical clinics with aesthetics. Graduated in Surgical Instrumentation and Facial Aesthetics, she worked with aesthetic surgical procedures in hospitals in Campinas and region.

Currently, he is dedicated to his greatest passion, which is the part of facial esthetics.

"In Love with Eyebrows"

Graduated from the Brazilian Academy of Beauty and Aesthetics in the city of São Paulo - Brazil,  he took several courses and specializations to add to his knowledge, international certification, he specialized in facial makeup harmonization with micropigmentation and microblading, he developed his own technique for perfect and extremely realistic strands. Nowadays, he works with Aesthetic Procedures and teaches specialization courses in Eyebrow Designer and Micropigmentation.  

Determined and committed makes a difference in the segment.

Detailed and careful, she continues with her work growing every day.

It values the quality of services, and does not give up always seeking new knowledge to always serve its customers with excellence.

What she has to say: Choose quality in every detail!     

Loves the phrase "Making an Eyebrow is like painting a picture."

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We are located in Jardim chapadão
  Campinas - SP - Brazil  at the  Porto, Portugal
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