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What is Nanoblading / Nanopigmentation?

The nanoblading technique is considered a step forward in corrective pigmentation, surpassing microblading.

Nanoblading/Nanopigmentation is a semi-permanent technique that was created with the objective of delineating lighter and closer to the natural hairs of the eyebrows, making them more symmetrical and compatible with the shape of the face.

The needles are even shorter and thinner than microblading, making the nanoblading effect short-lived.

What are the Advantages of Nanoblading?

A well-shaped and symmetrical eyebrow is important for the harmony of the face. Most women and men want to change something, and having the eyebrows well drawn and aligned brings well-being and helps in self-esteem. The natural is being increasingly requested and gaining space in society these days. The advantage and differential of nanoblading is precisely that it is a manual technique and is thus customized for each type of face shape, skin tone and personal preference, respecting the asymmetry of each person's face..

Post-procedure care

Any aesthetic procedure needs care after its completion. In the first 03 hours after application, avoid wetting the eyebrows to avoid problems with the healing of the area. After the third day, wash with mild soap, clean twice a day so that the post-procedure cones are not so visible. Prevent heat sources from approaching the location, use moisturizer constantly and avoid consuming fatty and fried foods.


The nanoblading lasts up to 6 months, depending on the care applied in the post-procedure and on the skill of the chosen professional. The procedure takes approximately one and a half hours and maintenance after the first application is only one hour. Remembering that the most important thing for the total duration of the procedure and recovery is hygiene, not using makeup in the area and applying ointment. Following all precautions in the post procedure, the result will bring the eyebrow you always dreamed of.

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