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Technique that leaves the eyes with a perfect outline!

Women like to produce themselves and make up for every moment, whether to go to work or some special occasion. The goal is always to make a makeup that enhances their traits and self-esteem, but that the procedure doesn't take as long, since, for many of them, life is quite hectic and the pause for production can end up getting in the way. And to make the day-to-day easier and save time, the micropigmentation technique of outlined eyes was developed. What is Micropigmentation of the Eyes?

The technique aims to enhance the beauty of the eyes and leave the look with a unique and smooth expression. The procedure is able to replace pencils and eyeliners, thus avoiding any kind of smudging, and there is no need for any retouching. The most common aspect of micropigmentation of the eyes is precisely to create the lines of the eyeliner, or even an eye shadow, and in addition to all its practicality, it also allows women to go to beaches, swimming pools and physical activities without fear of smudges due to its durability.

The Procedure and Its Benefits The procedure is performed with the aid of a device (dermograph) that implements the pigment in the line of the lashes. Colors usually vary, mainly because it depends on the skin tone of each person and other factors also influence, so an evaluation with a specialist is necessary. The micropigmentation of the eyes will leave you with a very natural look to the eye and is usually even more delicate, enhancing self-esteem and without fear of smudges. Both processes, both common make and micropigmentation have some differences, but the outlined effect is very similar.

Another factor that is positive for those who perform the procedure is that the pigments are hypoallernic and do not cause allergy, that is, for women who are allergic to traditional makeup, the procedure can be done with ease and without fear. The results vary from person to person, but they have a great durability and can be reapplied, on average, every two years.

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