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Body Hair Removal Techniques

Getting rid of body hair is the will of most women (and a growing proportion of men as well). Sometimes not being able to use some clothes without worrying about the apparent hairs is a dream that can be achieved through the few types of hair removal available. In order to eliminate hair from areas such as the armpit, upper lip and legs, there are several hair removal techniques, which can superficially pull out the hair or eliminate it from the “root”. Choosing which is best and most convenient varies from person to person, depending on skin type, routine and sensitivity. always look for qualified professionals. But given so many techniques, the first step to choose the most suitable type of hair removal is to understand how each of the available alternatives works. that's why here at Luciana Masson clinic we describe some of these techniques.


This hair removal technique is one of the most sought after because it pulls the hair straight from its root. The wax used can be hot or cold. The hot one causes a certain dilation of the pores and is indicated for more sensitive areas, whose hair is thicker. Cold wax is indicated for areas where the hair is more resistant, such as arms and legs. Waxing is very popular because it is one of the traditional hair removal methods with a good durability of results, lasting from 20 to 30 days. The most unpleasant part of waxing is certainly the pain. This is a painful type of hair removal that is aggressive to the skin and can cause irritation, ingrown hair, burning (if performed with very hot wax) and even flaccidity in thinner areas, such as the face, for example.

hair removal with line

Depilation with a line is an ancient technique that consists of removing the hair, from the root, by moving two intertwined lines that, through friction, remove the hair. It must be performed by qualified professionals, as it is a technique that requires a lot of training for improvement. This hair removal technique also hurts a lot and is most recommended for small areas such as eyebrows and fluff. One advantage is that it avoids the risk of irritation, allergies and ingrown hairs.

Hair Removal with Intense Pulsed Light

Intense Pulsed Light Technique (also known as photoepilation) also works by emitting points of light that generate the thermal effect in the region. But, unlike laser hair removal, this method doesn't only work with one wavelength, which means that the energy is not focused only on the target. In this way, the energy will also be absorbed by other structures in the region. This makes more sessions necessary to achieve lasting results in hair removal. depending on the choice of the most appropriate technique, it is important that it is carried out with care and, in some cases, such as laser hair removal, only by properly trained professionals. Always carry out an assessment with an expert...

Laser waxing

Laser hair removal can virtually permanently eliminate hair. thanks to its action, it uses focused light beams that are transformed into thermal energy. This energy, when absorbed by the hair's melanin, causes its germinal centers to be destroyed, preventing its growth. The laser action is directed, a mechanism called Selective Photothermolysis. This causes only the “target” to be reached, preserving the other nearby structures.

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