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5 care and health tipsof the eyebrows.

The care must be daily so that the hair is always healthy and contributes to the balance and harmony of the face, maintaining the beauty you so much desire. So, check out below for tips on the necessary care you need to take with your eyebrows.

Look for a good qualified professional

The first tip, and perhaps the most important one, is: look for a qualified professional who understands visagism and symmetry! As in other areas of aesthetics, our eyebrows deserve the care and attention of a good professional who understands the subject.

As well as having technical knowledge, he will be able to show you the ideal shape for your face and align it correctly to be in harmony. Therefore, avoid moving your eyebrows as much as possible so as not to risk damaging it.

Natural eyebrow shape Although we often think that something that was beautiful and wonderful on a person will also stay on us, this can bring disgust.

Each person is unique and believe me, even the shape of the eyebrows is unique.

respect the format of yours and see how it will look even more beautiful with the proper care. Comb the hair daily, as in addition to helping to keep it in place, it promotes hair growth and health by activating circulation in this area.

Choose Right Eyebrow Products

Choosing a quality product is important for hair health. Some substances can impair development and even cause hair loss.

A very important tip is not to remove the white hairs, instead you can use specific products to color the hair. When you remove these hairs, the chances that it will not grow back is great, causing the famous missed eyebrows.

Respect the hair growth time We know how bothersome those short hairs that grow and leave the eyebrows messy are. But it takes patience and maintenance at the right time. It is recommended that you do maintenance every 15 or 20 days, which is the time needed for hair growth. Schedule an assessment!

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