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Micropigmentation / Revitalization / Lip Filling / Hydra Gloss Lips


Micropigmentation and Lip Revitalization

It is a procedure that gives more color and volume appearance to lips that are naturally pale or purplish, and also improves the contour, leaving the mouth more defined, revitalized and ready for the day to day.

The procedure is similar to the Micropigmentation of Eyebrows, the client can choose the color she wants. "Before, I talk to the patient and show the available colors, ranging from pink to red. I draw with a pencil how it will look.

The procedure is almost painless, the lips have a natural effect and lasts up to 12 months

Care of the Lips after Lip Micropigmentation  


Lip care after micropigmentation is very important. It is recommended to follow the tips below to treat the skin in the region after the procedure:

1. Do not remove the cones so that healing occurs in the best possible way.

2. Don't wear lipstick for the first week.

3. Keep the lips region always clean

4. Use lip balm with sunscreen in external and internal areas, as inside   rooms and offices  UV rays pass through the glass, and visible light from lamps also poses a risk to the skin.

Lip Filler with Hyaluronic Acid

Lip filling with hyaluronic acid is the most suitable, as the substance is found and produced naturally in our body, offering no risk of allergic reactions. In this way, hyaluronic acid provides more safety and superior results when applied as a filler on the lips and face.

How is the procedure done?

Hyaluronic acid is injected through a microcannula in the lip region that will provide the results, such as volume, contour and/or symmetry. Thus, the specialist doctor shapes the lips and performs the procedure with anesthetic cream, providing more comfort while filling the lips. The amount of the substance will be indicated by the physician based on the assessment and need for each

The Hydra Gloss Lips

It is a procedure for hydration and lip regeneration, which provides volume in fine lines of expression, performed with equipment called dermapen and nano needles.

It is a treatment for the lips region. 

The main objective of this treatment is hydration, lip regeneration, which is done with a protocol of products developed exclusively for the success of this procedure, with a durability of approximately 4 months.

Service:  Campinas - SP - Brazil  / Porto, Portugal

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