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Frequently Asked Questions about Micropigmentation


1 - Can people with very light, red or blond hair get micropigmentation on their eyebrows?
Yes they can. we work with
  pigments of all shades, including light blondes and reds and all anti-allergic and approved by Anvisa.


2 – Can men also do it? Have you ever had male clients?
Yes, it looks very natural, as we follow the male design.


3 – Can the procedure be performed by people of any age or is there any restriction?
Yes you can. It is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women and in people who are undergoing chemotherapy treatment, they may
  with medical authorization.


4 – Once the micropigmentation is done, the person cannot undo the procedure?
Yes, you can do the depigmentation with a few sessions of a specific laser.


5 – Can some people be allergic to the procedure?
  It never happened in my clinic, as we use anti-allergic products and pigments.


6 – Can the hairs in the region fall out after the procedure?
Never. On the contrary, the area is stimulated by promoting blood flow, and it may even stimulate the birth of new hairs.


7 – Should the people who did it avoid exposure to the sun?
Yes, minimum 15 days. The sun is the biggest enemy of micropigmentation, because before healing, changes can occur, which can fade the implanted pigment.


8 – Does the procedure look natural? I'm afraid of getting dark and artificial...
It looks extremely natural from day one, as we work with pigments according to each person's phototype, neutralizing tones for a perfect and realistic result.

9 –
Is the procedure very painful?
With the new technology in micropigmentation, the procedure is very smooth, almost painless.


10 – Can patients who are undergoing cancer treatment do it?
Not recommended. Only with medical authorization.


11 – There is a lot of demand for the procedure by people who suffer from alopecia areata, can they do it without restriction?
Yes. There is a lot of demand in these cases.


12 – What are the cares after the procedure?
It is necessary to stay 2 days without wetting the pigmented area, not scratching, not bathing in the sea, swimming and avoiding exposure to the sun for at least 15 days.


13 – Is it necessary to retouch over time?
Yes, the 1st touch-up is after 30 days, if necessary. After that, the ideal is to carry out maintenance redoing the micro every 6 months, to keep it always well defined.


14 – On average how much can a procedure cost?
It depends on the technique used by the professional, and it is also very important to carry out the procedure in a place that follows all the quality and hygiene standards established by the sanitary surveillance, and that uses products and equipment approved by Anvisa. This way you will be safe from your post-procedure.


15 – Which technique should I perform?

We currently have several micropigmentation techniques, the difference being in the type of device used and the way they are performed. See below:


Ombre Line:  extremely subtle, hairy effect, making the arch darker in the region that tends to have less hair, and leaving the beginnings of the eyebrows lighter. This technique is suitable for those who have slight flaws.

Durability: 8 to 12 months.


Shadow Line:  this type of micropigmentation is indicated for those who prefer well-marked eyebrows. In this technique the threads are drawn, creating a shading between them. This gives the impression that the eyebrows are fuller, more voluminous.

Durability: 8 to 12 months.


Magic Shadow:  it is a technique with transparency, very soft, indicated for those who have thinning hair all over their eyebrows, this background effect gives the impression of more volume.

Durability: 6 months.


Magic Eyebrows:  (Thread by Thread Micropigmentation) hyper realistic: they are wefts of threads, of different tones and directions that create beautiful natural effects on female and male eyebrows, where you can work in up to 3 shades.

Durability: 8 to 12 months.


Compact  Eyebrows:  it is a technique that has a pigment saturation in the region to obtain a very marked eyebrow, similar to the old definitive ones in aspect, in this technique the complete filling of the eyebrows is carried out.

Durability:12 to 18 months.

Microblading – It is a technique within the immense universe of micropigmentation. Although both “deposit” pigment under the skin, they are different techniques, performed in different ways, with results that are also different from each other. To perform the procedure, an inductor is used  with a blade of different sizes and number of tips, for better execution and perfection in yarn designs. The wires are designed with different curves and sizes, depending on the case's needs. Unfortunately not all people can perform the ¨Microblading¨ technique. For example:

  Very mature skin, which has wrinkles in the eyebrow area, should avoid the technique.

skins  very oily or black phototype 5 and 6, as they smoke the hairs.

In these cases, the most suitable technique is micropigmentation.

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