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Exclusive Face-to-Face Course

with Luciana Masson


Micropigmentation  First Training

Our Course is different. Only here at LM Academy  the classes consist of a maximum of 4   ( four  ) students (as). We dedicate full attention to you, detail  that does all  difference in your learning.

garantia-selo Luciana Masson Micropigmen

Our team has dedicated many months to carefully organizing the most effective content for your learning. Your time is the most precious currency and this course is designed for you to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.

Duration: 16  hours
Consult schedules
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Gift  Surprise

With the advancement of knowledge and technologies, micropigmentation techniques were renewed and expanded, providing different results to meet specific needs, as we can see.





       ✔ 3 Techniques  

       ✔ 90% Practical  

       ✔ Service  

       ✔ Mentoring for 6 months online  


  • Training with Dermograph – Shadow Technique (shadow and pixel effect)  branches  and construction of wires

and combined techniques (Hybrid)

  • skin anatomy

  • Phototype

  • Colorimetry applied to micropigmentation

  • Biosafety

  • Types of needles

  • Correct dermograph position and angle

  • Techniques  applied

  • care and healing

  • Eyebrow Design and Line Demarcation

  • Practical training on EVA fabrics and SYNTHETIC SKINS

  • Practical training on real models


Included in:


- Certificate,  handout,  Didactic material and Practical training material.



Our course is the most complete and exclusive on the market, the student learns to work with the Dermograph  and with the exclusive attention of the instructor responsible for the Luciana Masson clinic.


You will also have tips on how to launch yourself in the job market, promote your work, photography tips and how to attract many customers.

- All pigments and needles are provided by Luciana Masson clinic for you to take your course 

- Equipped procedure room, suitable for carrying out procedures




full course

BRL 1,800.00 in cash


In the card
6x 330.00

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