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with Luciana Masson

Exclusive Face-to-Face Course


Excellence One Eyebrow Design

LM Academy specializes in consulting and courses for beginners and  improvement for professionals in the field of beauty.

  Segments that we operate:

- Beauty salons

- Beauty clinic

- Schools and Aesthetic Center

Our Course is different. Only here at LM Academy  the classes consist of a maximum of 4  (four) students. We dedicate full attention to you, detail that makes everything  difference in your learning.

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Our team has dedicated many months to carefully organizing the most effective content for your learning. Your time is the most precious currency and this course is designed for you to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.


Duration 16  hours

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Surprise gift
09h às 17h

Excellence One Eyebrow Design Course

  • The course will be for classes with a maximum of 4 students (as).

  • Includes certificate, handout and support material.

  • 90% practical classes, attended by volunteer models.




The course aims at perception by redrawing the eyebrow, following specific measurements of each person's face using the technique of visagism. The use of henna helps to cover gaps, leaving the eyebrow naturally more delineated. In our course, we teach the most sophisticated techniques of eyebrow design.

You will learn to redraw eyebrows, with the exclusive and advanced technique of Designer and Visagist Luciana Masson,  removing excess hair and providing facial harmony, with tweezers and adequate cosmetics, using correction techniques, according to the needs and profile of each client. will learn to  analyze all the characteristics of the shape of each face, measuring the points of balance to create a perfect and personalized design.

Program content:


  • Skin types and asepsis

  • Hair anatomy and physiology

  • Materials used for design

  • Matching for each type of face

  • Correct use of the caliper and accurate lined markings for a perfect design

  • Modeling method with tweezers

  • Ombre eyebrows / Gradient with henna

  • Eyebrow design with tweezers

  • Eyebrow design with henna

  • Colored eyebrow design

  • Demonstration of all techniques in a practical class

  • Service in real models

  • Tips on how to  enter the labor market, how much should you charge for the work



BRL 887.00 in cash


In the card
10x 99.00

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